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Jeff Corwin And Scaly Friends Delight Crowd

Southeast Missouri State University

Conservationist and popular TV personality Jeff Corwin delighted a Show Me Center audience with animal stories Wednesday night. And he brought along a few scaly friends to drive the point home.

The host of ABC’s Ocean Mysteries and Animal Planet’s The Jeff Corwin Experience brought an American alligator, a boa contractor, a marine toad, a dark-throated monitor lizard and an alligator snapping turtle to the Show Me Center. He spoke about the importance of protecting endangered species and the fragile ecosystems where they live.

Corwin spoke about the importance of battling species extinction, and pointed to the American alligator,  held on stage by five volunteers, as a success story of rehabilitating endangered populations.

Speaking to reporters prior to his presentation, Corwin said he wants to promote good environmental stewardship and sustainable use of natural resources.

“You really cannot protect what you don’t appreciate, and it’s hard to appreciate what you do not understand or do not know,” Corwin said. “That was sort of the spirit from the very beginning for my first series 16 or 17 years ago and it still carries through all the series I’ve had from Animal Planet to what I do now.”

Corwin said he wants to promote stewardship and give people information so they can make better information about the planet. He believes a lot of the challenges we face with young people today is caused by the so-called “nature deficit disorder.”

“I believe a lot of the behavioral challenges we have, I believe problems with health and obesity are directly connected to kids not going outside. I do what I do today from a passion for being outside. I truly want to push that and promote that,” Corwin said.

Corwin was the final speaker in Southeast Missouri State University 2012-2013 Speakers Series.

Southeast president Ken Dobbins announced two speakers are already lined up for next year: the CEO of TOMS Shoes and author Nicholas Sparks.

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