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Southeast’s Cyber Defense Club To Attend Competition

Wikimedia Commons

Southeast Missouri State University’s Cyber Defense Club is going to attend a collegiate competition for cyber defense.

The Cyber Defense Club is an offshoot of the university’s new Cyber Security program. The club’s faculty advisor is Dr. Vijay Anand. He says Southeast is one of perhaps 15 programs nationwide, and the only degree of its kind in Missouri.

Anand feels good about the club’s chances of winning.

“We have some very good students,” Anand said. They’re very motivated, they’ve put in a lot effort into this. So I feel pretty good for our chances.”

Anand expects to make it to regionals, and perhaps even nationals.

“It’s a great experience for our students. I’ve tried to work with the students as much as I can for them to be successful in this competition. At the same time, if they do win, it gives our program a national spotlight, which we would definitely like,” Anand said.

Missouri’s collegiate competition is to be held March 16th, and those who win go on to the regional competition. Those who do win are often hired by companies who have need of their skills, and even those who participate receive valued attention.

Southeast’s Cyber Security program is only a year and a half old, and it is the only degree of it’s kind in Missouri.