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Mississippi River Expected To Crest At 47 Feet Next Thursday, But No Homes Are In “Immediate Danger”

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

The National Weather Service is expecting the Mississippi River to crest at 47 feet next Thursday as it continues to rise. But Cape Girardeau County Emergency Director Mark Winkler says the City of Cape Girardeau has managed to respond with its own management to the conditions facing it.

According to Winkler, the river was at 43.9 feet Thursday morning, rising almost two feet since May 25th.

There aren't any homes immediately in danger, though. The majority of those structures susceptible to flooding were relocated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency during high water levels in 1993.

"That was the purpose of the buyout program: to take homes and other structures that are repetitively flooded out of harm's way," says Winkler.

The village of Dutchtown was also bought out recently for its heavy flooding, and was disincorporated last year.

At the moment, it comes down to Emergency Management monitoring the Red Star area amid rising waters, and assisting with any needs during flooding. Winkler says they’re also keeping a close eye on Allenville.

“Allenville becomes an island at 47 feet,” says Winkler.


Cape County has been in direct contact with the State Emergency Management Agency’s regional coordinator Hank Voelker regarding the flooding, who has given the National Guard a situational awareness report.

“With the river this high, it could create some immediate, serious problems. But as of right now, we’re doing pretty good in the county as a whole,” Winkler said.

He says drivers need to be aware of the flooding, avoid driving through flooded roadways.