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George Joseph’s Attorney Files Motion To Throw Out Videotaped Statements

Laura Simon
Southeast Missourian

George Joseph’s attorney filed a motion in Cape Girardeau County court on Monday to suppress Joseph’s videotaped statements to detectives while in the hospital. Joseph is accused of killing his wife and son in May, before shooting himself.

Greaser may file more motions as the case progresses when lab tests come back on other evidence.

“As the case is going on, there’s still more evidence that we’re waiting on, lab tests and things. Pending on how any of those come back, there could be additional motions that are filed as the case continues,” Greaser said. 

George Joseph’s next hearing is scheduled for October 18. Judge Benjamin Lewis said the court will review the 20 to 30 minute videotaped confession before that date, and may have to play it again during the hearing.

“This was a statement that was given within days of the alleged incident while he was hospitalized still,” Greaser said. 

Joseph pleaded not guilty. If the case goes to trial, a jury will be imported from Cole County.