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Body Identified As Missing Cape Girardeau Man

Joey Caruso's Facebook

A missing Cape Girardeau man has been found, but not as loved ones had hoped.

Twenty-four-year-old Joseph Caruso is being named as the man who was found dead in the Mississippi River over the weekend. The Scott County coroner has identified drowning as the cause of death, but Cape Girardeau police spokesperson Darin Hickey is not saying if foul play is expected. 

“We won’t make a determination until the investigation is complete,” Hickey said. “We’ll allow the evidence to tell us the story. If it does determine that we need to do more follow up or more investigation- you know, any investigation that we do, we allow the evidence to tell us the story. We’re not going to speculate or guess.”

Hickey said that although Caruso lived in Cape Girardeau, Alexander County police will be taking over the case because he was last seen in East Cape Girardeau.

“Alexander County, I know, they’ll be looking into it and they will be investigating it, and if there’s any information that we can pass on or that we can give to them from our agency then obviously we’re going to be willing to help,” Hickey said.

Caruso was reported missing by a relative around 10:00 pm Saturday night.

The investigation is ongoing.

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