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Crowds Exceed Expectation For Great Race

The Great Race exceeded organizers' expectations with the amount of people that attended Tuesday.

Nearly 5,000 people welcomed racers along Main Street in downtown Cape Girardeau. Even more spectators watched along Broadway and Kingshighway.

Convention and Visitors Bureau  Public Relations director Stacy Dohogne Lane said that being able to meet and greet with the racers was amazing. 

“When the racers got here, getting to visit with them and hearing where they been and hearing them talk about their cars, and getting to see neat old cars,” Dohogne said. “They were so excited to be here. You could not not have a smile on your face in downtown Cape last night.”

Old Town Cape Project Manager NicholleHinkle says the racers loved the hospitality in Cape Girardeau.

“We had pit stop parties for the businesses from Kingshighway and Broadway and welcome parties for the businesses in the riverfront area,” Hinkle said. “They don’t really get that in the other communities that they visit. So they were really excited to see little groups of people scattered throughout downtown welcoming them and cheering them on as they were coming downtown. So I think they really enjoyed that.” 

Hinkle says that the businesses did a great job welcoming the racers and providing a good time for everyone that came out and believes It was a great community event with outstanding atmosphere. 

The Great Race changes their course every year, but Dohogne Lane is hopeful this year's positive experience shows Cape Girardeau can host other great events.

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