Vargas Speaks/Focus on Southeast

Each month, KRCU sits down with Dr. Carlos Vargas, President of Southeast Missouri State University, to discuss happenings at the institution as well as Higher Education broadly.

A taping of "Focus on Southeast"
Credit Marcus Painton / Southeast Missouri State University

The video companion to Vargas Speaks is called Focus on Southeast. You can watch monthly episodes by clicking on the links below.

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Vargas Speaks - Episode 1

Mar 23, 2016
Southeast Missouri State University / KRCU

KRCU's Dan Woods sat down with Southeast President Dr. Carlos Vargas on Monday, March 21, 2016.

In Segment 1: Dr. Vargas talks about his interest in sports and how he uses athletics as a way to connect with students. He also talks about the search for a new Athletic Director.

In Segment 2: Dr. Vargas talks about funding for higher education in Missouri for FY17 and about Senate Bill 589 that proposes to remove the current ban on carrying concealed weapons in higher educational institutions.