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A bill being heard in the Missouri legislature would allow parents to submit a new kind of objection to vaccinations.

House bill 37 creates the ability for parents to provide a “conscientious objection” form as a valid reason their child isn’t vaccinated to public schools and institutions. 

Previously, a religious or medical exemption to vaccinations have been the only accepted forms, but under the proposed bill, parents who don’t want their child vaccinated for personal reasons will be able to enroll them in public schools under conscientious objection.

Missouri Redistricting Process Begins Despite Delayed Census Data

Mar 10, 2021
Onasill ~ Bill/flickr/creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/legalcode

Every 10 years, state legislatures across the country redraw their congressional map.

With census data from the federal government, local legislatures decide how to shape new districts that members of Congress represent.

Missouri lawmakers began that process on Tues. Mar. 9, but the process of drawing the maps has been complicated this year by the pandemic.

The Missouri House is considering legislation that would provide free tampons to inmates, but it may not make it out of committee because of political infighting.

Gov. Parson Announces Delivery Of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine To Missouri

Mar 5, 2021
John Moore

During a Thursday afternoon press conference, Gov. Parson announced a boost to the state’s vaccine supply.

Missouri will receive 50,000 doses of the recently approved Johnson and Johnson, one shot, COVID-19 vaccine. 35,000 of the doses will be sent to individual providers across the state.

Gov. Parson emphasized the importance of the upcoming vaccine delivery. “This will allow local providers to determine the most appropriate use for a single dose option in their communities.”

Updated March 4 with House giving final approval

The Missouri House overwhelmingly passed a measure on Thursday that would forgive federal unemployment overpayments for some residents.