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Identity theft is stressful, and it can do tremendous damage to your finances. It’s important to recognize the signs early. The earlier you notice something is amiss, the faster you can take action to minimize the damage.

Here’s how to recognize the signs of identity theft as soon as possible:

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Consumer Handbook: An Estimated 14 Million people Were Victims To Job Scams 


Employment scams are on the rise in a turbulent job market created by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent investigative study by BBB.


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From restaurants to human resources firms, businesses in all industries are struggling with staffing shortages. A lack of trust between workers and leaders is exacerbating the problem. 

Workers are skeptical. Some feel disheartened following layoffs from longtime employers, others feel their work is undervalued. To restore their trust, employers must consistently behave in ways that enable trust to grow. 

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As leaves begin to fall and garden plants go to seed, homeowners may be thinking about hiring a lawn or landscape firm to clean up yards before winter. Better Business Bureau advises homeowners to check companies out carefully before hiring them, and ask for a contract that says what will be done and when.


Many people are savvy enough to know that tech support scammers often reach out to potential victims by phone or with a popup.