Left Of The Dial #613 - Noms De Plume

May 25, 2018

Shara Nova, aka My Brightest Diamond has done opera, both as a composer and singer, brought power and terror to a Decemberists' rock opera and has made some strait ahead plain old good songs. Her latest EP, titled Champagne, takes those talents to the dance floor. 

Shane Renfro, aka RF Shannon is a Texas-based psychedelic bluesman. 

Harriete Pillbeam, aka Hatchie put out this single last year, and recieved a lot of positive attention, including from Robin Guthrie of Cocteau Twins. 

Left of the Dial airs Friday nights from 9-11pm and Saturdays from noon-2pm on KRCU. 

Thanks, Pete, for the mad beach tunes. 

One last thing, it's a 3-day weekend, so you've got time for this, the entirety of Rush's "2112" painstakingly set to clips from Peanuts. Just say "Yes."