Jackson Comes Next In Cutting Back On Recycling, Certain Plastics No Longer Accepted After Tuesday

May 10, 2019

Credit Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Starting next week, Jackson residents will no longer be able to recycle certain plastics through the city’s recycling center.

After Tuesday, May 28, residents will have to trash all plastic film, plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, newspaper sleeves, wrappers, and plastics #3-7.

According to a press release, the cutback comes after “dramatic changes in the worldwide use” of recyclable materials.

Plastic containers #1 (PETE) and #2 (HDPE) such as milk jugs, water bottles, containers for condiments, and empty cleaning supply containers can still be recycled. PETE packaging material makes up 96% of all plastic bottles and containers in the United States, but only 25% of the products are recycled.

Plastics #3-7, which will no longer be accepted at the Jackson Recycling Center, include yogurt cups, sour cream and cottage cheese containers, butter containers, clamshells, plastic cups, and plastic cutlery.

Sanitation foreman Ted Scholl says if you have any questions, you can check the plastic code on the bottom of items, call the recycling center, or do a bit of research online.

“A good rule of thumb: if it’s really thin and flimsy - not rigid, and not meant to hold liquid or

food products in a way that a water bottle would - it’s likely not an accepted

material,” says Scholl.