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Going Public: Cape County Clerk Goes Over Upcoming Tuesday Primary And A Year's Worth Of Elections


The registration deadline and the absentee ballot mail date have both passed, but for those who are ready for the election, it’s coming up next week. 

If you missed the deadline for the presidential preference primary, there’s a separate deadline for the general election in November-- which will be October 7th. Statewide office primaries will be coming up in August.

With the upcoming April election, Summers says voters should get informed ahead of time. 

“There are some contested school board elections in the April 7th election. There are some questions that people have put on the ballot from different municipalities,” she says. “I encourage people to get a sample ballot and familiarize yourself with those things before you vote.” 

Additionally, voters can call the Cape Girardeau County Clerk’s Office at (573) 243-3547.

Summers wants to assure voters they can trust the election process. The machines are audited and election judges review the process before and after Election Day.

“We randomly draw a precinct and have a team of judges that come in and go through those ballots to make sure that everything went properly,” Summers says.

If residents are more comfortable voting at a central polling location, that is also an option, and there are other things like curbside voting the clerk’s office can help voters with. To contact them for more information, visit capecountyelections.com.