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President Trump Will Visit Cape Girardeau The Day Before Midterm Elections, Nov. 5

Shealah Craighead, Whitehouse.gov

According to his official website, President Trump will be paying a visit to Cape Girardeau before the midterm elections next week on Monday, Nov. 5 at 9 p.m. This visit comes after a MAGA rally, slated to take place at the same location and venue, was canceled early last month, due to safety concerns with the approach of Hurricane Florence.


In an email to students, faculty, and staff, Southeast President Dr. Carlos Vargas says they received confirmation early yesterday that representatives from Trump’s national midterm campaign have “again contracted to rent the Show Me Center for a presidential campaign tour.” As it was with the first scheduled visit, he again clarified Southeast’s uninvolvement, and that holding the event at the Show-Me-Center is strictly a third-party rental agreement. Requirements and restrictions for parking, buildings, and facilities during the rally will be regulated by the U.S. Secret Service.


This will be the fifth rally the President has hosted in Missouri since the start of his campaign in June 2015, the fourth taking place in Columbia, Missouri this Thursday.


“We are pleased to announce the final stretch of our national midterm campaign tour with MAGA rallies scheduled in key congressional districts and states including Florida, Missouri, West Virginia, Indiana, Montana, Georgia, Tennessee, and Ohio,” said Michael Glassner, Chief Operating Officer for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. in a press release dated Oct. 29. “It will be a sprint to the finish of the midterms for President Trump who is campaigning hard for GOP House and Senate campaigns across the map. We can’t go back to the days of high taxes and low expectations. Voters must choose the right future on Election Day and support President Trump’s successful America First agenda with the continued support of GOP majorities in the House and Senate,” he concluded.