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Scott City Voters To Decide On $1.75 Million No Tax Increase School Bond


Scott City voters will have the opportunity to vote on Proposition Kids on the Nov. 4 ballot.

Proposition Kids is a no tax increase bond issue for the Scott City R-1 School District in Scott County, Mo.

The proposition will allow the school district to borrow $1.75 million.The money will be divided two ways. One million will be used to enhance security at entrances, repair roofs and remodel and renovate the cafeteria.

“Better security provides a safer environment for our kids,” superintendent Diann Ulmer said. “A few years ago we added buzz-in doors, but this proposal of the added security would add another level of protection for our students.”

The rest of the money will be used to acquire facilities under the Series 2011B lease and it will issue bonds for the prepayments.The Series 2011B  lease will expire in 2020-21. The payments were for the installation of the “blue roof” and renovations made to the kitchen.

“We did a major renovation on the front part of the building back in 2007-2008 which included a pitched roof made of metal and at that point we took out lease certificates in order to pay for the renovation at that time,” Ulmer said. “With the no tax increase bond issue, those payments would be transferred over to a debt service levy and that debt service levy then could take over the payments on those lease certificates.”

The Scott City R-1 school district has a current debt service levy of $.49. The current bonding debt will expire in 2020-2021. The bonds repayment is for the construction of the gym, hallway, industrial technology building and renovation of the elementary school’s gymnasium.

Ulmer said this proposition is important for Scott City children.

“The money that we free up could be used to continually update our school’s facilities and make it an even nicer place for our students,” Ulmer said.


Jen Gradl was a student reporter at KRCU in 2014.