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Exposition: 'Tunes at Twilight' Guest, Emily Wallace - May 26th

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Emily Wallace is a very respected singer/songwriter based out of St. Louis and has been playing in that wonderful city for about fifteen years, both as a solo artist and as part of the duo, 'The Sleepy Rubies', with her sister, Ali. She was also once a member of the band 'Pushing Trees'. You can also find her sitting in with other area bands such as 'The Funky Butt Brass Band' and 'The Mighty Pines'.

You can hear Emily Wallace in Downtown Cape at the Ivers Square gazebo for 'Tunes at Twilight' at 7 pm, on May 26th, 2023.

John is a proud 2006 Alum of Southeast Missouri State University, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication – Radio option, with a minor in Management. He has been a life-long listener of KRCU Public Radio, but began his radio career as a student DJ on Rage 103.7 KDMC-LP in 2003.
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