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The latest news from every corner of the state, including policy emerging from Missouri's capitol.

No-Excuse Absentee Voting Under Way in Missouri

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This is the first election to be conducted under the new voter-ID rules in Missouri.

This Friday - October 28 - is Vote Early Day, and with early voting already under way in Missouri there's a few things to remember.

Missourians can cast a no-excuse absentee ballot in person between now and November 7th, as long as they have state or federal photo ID which is either not expired or expired after the date of the most recent general election in November of 2020.

Jeanette Senecal, senior director of mission impact with the League of Women Voters, said the intention of Vote Early Day is to help familiarize people with the voting process.

"The goal here is to really help people navigate the process," said Senecal, "so that they can cast their ballot without any problems, and if there is a problem that arises when they go to the polls, they can figure out what their problem is, and they have time to address it."

There are 18 Vote Early Day celebrations across the state. For locations and information visit voteearlyday.org.

Mail-in absentee ballots in Missouri must be received by the time polls close on Election Day. Senecal said with absentee ballots, there are important details to remember.

"To make sure that you've put your ballot in the right envelope, you've signed it in the right place," said Senecal, "if you need to get it witnessed or notarized, that you've done those pieces because if those pieces are missing your ballot might not get counted."

In the upcoming election Missourians have 5 ballot measures to decide. Senecal said it's important that people spend time looking into ballot initiatives.

"The organizations and entities behind a ballot initiative will write the language of the initiatives to support the end result they're looking for," said Senecal, "and the language is sometimes confusing."

She said if you don't know exactly what a yes or no vote means, people may vote against what they actually intended to vote for.

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Brett brings 7 years of radio news writing experience at Metro Source. His reporting expertise is in monetary policy, economic systems, resource distribution, rent-seeking, and neo-feudalism.
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