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Notre Dame High School Raises Over $235,000 After Annual 'Activity Week' Auctions And Sales

Notre Dame Regional High School

Notre Dame Regional High School concluded their annual 'activity week' on October 2nd. 

The week-long event held item sales and auctions to involve students, families, and community members in raising funds to reduce the operating budget of the school. 


Throughout the week the school held various activities and promotions including raffles, magazine subscriptions, and public dinners, serving around 1,400 people each night, according to the school's website.  

In addition to the all-school items and public dinners, classes also sold a variety of class-specific items. 

The Senior Class provided the largest profit per capita raising over $80,000 bringing in around $730 per student.  


As the winners, Senior Class candidates Will Richards and Carolyne Cork were crowned King and Queen at the Activity Week Dance on Saturday night.


The school recently announced that the events were able to raise a grand total of $239,216.15.