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Going Public: An Update from Jackson Mayor Dwain Hahs

Dan Woods

The city of Jackson, Missouri has been growing as of late and while growth is a good thing, it also presents some challenges. We sat down with Mayor Dwain Hahs for an update on what's happening in Jackson.

Mayor Hahs told us that one of things a growing city works to provide is good infrastructure for the residents of the city. He said, "As a city, as a municipality, providing infrastructure to the citizens is most important. And what we're trying to do is stay ahead of our growth."

Traffic flow is another area the mayor discussed. Construction began on a new roundabout at East Main Street and Shawnee Boulevard in November. Hahs said that it takes about six months to build a new roundabout which would set a June completion date.

The work at center junction began in early February. A new "diverging diamond" intersection will be constructed over the next two years. Currently, prep work is being done and the entrance and exit lanes off of Interstate 55 are being made longer. Hahs said, "Should be about mid-April, they'll take Highway 61 which runs between Jackson and Cape from four lanes to two lanes and that will be the first big change that you'll see happen and that will last about two years."

The mayor also discussed public safety, the new police station, business growth and expansion and more.