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Cape Girardeau Fire Department Chief Released After City Code Violation

City of Cape Girardeau

Cape Girardeau Fire Department chief, Rick Ennis has been released after violating city policy.

Ennis was released on Friday, Dec. 28. He was scheduled to retire just days later, but his termination did not negatively affect his retirement.

The city has not disclosed specific information about the code violation, but city manager, Scott Meyer says it was not of a criminal nature.

“It was such an offense that it was appropriate to release him,” says Meyer.

Ennis served as fire chief of the Cape Girardeau Fire Department for 14 years since his appointment in 2004.

Assistant fire chief, Mark Hasheider will serve as interim while the city continues their search for the position, which began last September when Ennis initially announced his retirement.  

The city has already interviewed several candidates for the position, but after consulting current city employees on what they’re looking for in the next chief, Meyer says none of them seemed to be a good fit.

“I’d really like to have somebody tomorrow, but it’s important that we find the right fit,” says Meyer. “Having the wrong person quickly doesn’t solve any problems, so really having the right person is important, and good for that person, who comes in, for their career.”

They’re planning to interview a few more applicants in January, and hope to have someone in the position within the next 3-4 months.