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Courtyard Marriott In The Works For Downtown Cape Girardeau

Cape Girardeau Mayor Harry Rediger

A new $20 million project will bring a Courtyard Marriott to downtown Cape Girardeau. KRCU's Marissanne Lewis-Thompson spoke with Cape Girardeau Mayor Harry Rediger about the impact it will have on the downtown area.

Lewis-Thompson: Why did you all decide to bring the Marriott to this area?

Rediger: [The developer] thought after seeing a need for a downtown hotel, [they] sought out a major brand and were successful in coming to terms. The major brand, which was Marriott concurred that the need is there and we can be the developer and the courtyard can be successful.

Lewis-Thompson: So, I know there are two separate projects. The first being the new hotel. What would the other project entail?

Rediger: The [Marquette] Tech District and Codefi that's expanding and moving into the Marquette is part of the Marquette. It isn't the total Marquette. There's going to be other lessees in the Marquette.

Lewis-Thompson: And there's also supposed to be a restaurant at the bottom of the hotel?

Rediger: There's going to be a restaurant. There's going to be other leasers that are a part of that, [which] hasn't been announced yet.

Lewis-Thompson: Well, you described these new projects as a game changer for downtown Cape Girardeau. Why do you think it will be?

Rediger: Well it's a huge project. The hotel will bring daily traffic into the downtown area. The expansion into the Marquette by a number of businesses and entities will create jobs. Probably create more residential needs in the downtown area, and better traffic both Broadway and the entire downtown area. So, it really is going to change the landscape of our Old Town Cape area.

Lewis-Thompson: What benefit will this have on downtown Cape Girardeau?

Rediger: One of my goals and of course this was not all of my doing by any means. The developers have found the need there and done that, but I saw a real need to liven that corner. The corner of Fountain and Broadway had an empty former federal building courthouse. The other corner was an old hotel that was virtually unoccupied. The H&H building was to a large extent unoccupied, and over the last few years there was the state moving out and Marquette became largely uninhabited. So, we had a corner that had four major buildings on it that were really not producing jobs, income or any excitement into the downtown area. The Vasterling Suites were done and that was a great project that got some more residential into the downtown area that are fully leased. And of course the councilman of Missouri and the partners have done a great project with the old federal building. And now with those other two all four of the buildings on that corner at that intersection will soon become occupied, producing jobs, and producing income for Cape Girardeau.

Lewis-Thompson: Who are the major developers?

Rediger: The major developers are Jeff and Jim Mauer and Scott Rhodes.

Lewis-Thompson: When can we expect this project to be completed?

Rediger: We don't have a timetable on that at this point, but it is on a fast track. And we will there will be more updates as we get under. We still getting the final details worked out. In fact, we've got two items on Monday's council agenda that will help to solidify the project and start moving. So, there's some details yet to be worked out. But it's just great to have it announced and the excitement resulting from the announcement has been fantastic. So many positive comments from our citizens, businesses and people in the area.