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Cape Girardeau City Council Approves Plans For New Police and Fire Stations

Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau Mayor Harry Rediger

Cape Girardeau is in for some big changes in the coming months. Both the police and fire stations in town are getting a much needed upgrade, along with a new sporting facility coming to the area. Here to explain what this means for the community is Cape Girardeau Mayor Harry Rediger.


Lewis-Thompson: The city council in Cape Girardeau is going forward with plans for both a new police station and a new fire station. So, how is that going to benefit the community?


Rediger: Well, our police station has been far undersized for a number of years. We have used a temporary unit--mobile unit out to the side to help relieve some of that pressure, but they are very tight communications has been very tight there. And we have a lot of need for additional space. The new space at the new location on Maria Louise [Lane] will offer us not only the adequate space for police, but a new determination of yet to be determined really of number of jail cells. And then also we're moving [the] court out to the police station. As far as fire through the fire tax approved by the voters last year we're able to eliminate the last antiquated small fire station on Kurre Lane and replace it with a new modern up to date fire station on Lexington Avenue near Flad. That will complete the replacement of all of our existing fire stations and put us in much better condition for prompt response for calls.


Lewis-Thompson: How soon are we expecting for all of this to be completed?


Rediger: We have selected Kiefner [Brothers] a local contractor to work with us and negotiate the building a design build project for the police station. I would anticipate with if those negotiations go well and we agree on a price and timing that we would be under construction by mid year of this year. And occupy probably sometime mid to late year of '17. The fire station much the same. We are working with Penzel Construction [Company] on that building. It's not quite as involved as the police station. So, again we'd like to be under construction mid year to mid to third quarter maybe of '16 and open by mid '17.


Lewis-Thompson: Okay, another thing is coming in 2017--the Cape SportsPlex. So do you have any updates on that project?


Rediger: Making good progress. [The] foundation is in. Steel has gone up. We'll have the concrete side walls in place very soon. And we anticipate 12 months on that one. So sometime about this time next year early spring next year being completion and being able to host tournaments in that facility.


Lewis-Thompson: So, we've talked about a few major changes coming to Cape Girardeau. What else can the community look forward to?


Rediger: Well, those are the key right now. We've got a couple of economic development projects that we plan to announce sometime probably late April that will be coming forth too. A couple of exciting projects. We've got a few more on the agenda that we're negotiating with. And then we are beginning to start our neighborhood street repair. That contract has been lead. So, there's major neighborhood street repair that will be starting at the of this month that will be going on the majority of this year. So, that's a big transportation project. We will be cutting the Ribbon late April officially on the Waste Water Treatment place and also our new transfer station that are adjacent to our public works facility.


Lewis-Thompson: Mayor Rediger thanks for joining me today.


Rediger: Thank you.

That was Cape Girardeau Mayor Harry Rediger speaking about upcoming improvements to the Cape Girardeau community.

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