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Regional April Municipal Election Results Reveal Voter Priorities and Legal Marijuana Sales Tax Use

Results are in for regional cities' municipal, education boards, and funding sources. Marijuana sales tax proceeds were also a reoccurring ballot item across Southeast Missouri.

The County of Cape Girardeau is set to impose an additional 3% sales tax on retail sales of adult-use marijuana, with 74% of voters supporting the measure. Similarly, the City of Cape Girardeau, City of Jackson, Perry County, Scott County, and Stoddard County all proposed 3% sales taxes on marijuana sales, and all were approved by voters.

Voters in Cape Girardeau County also decided on local funding and bond items, rejecting a proposal to increase property taxes to pay for general operating expenses for the Jackson R-II School District. Also, in a separate proposition, voters chose not to fund construction and renovation projects in the area.

Mayoral decisions were also made in a few cities across the region. Carolin Harvey is the mayor-elect of the City of Carbondale, and Rhonda Burson was chosen as the new mayor of the City of Neelyville. Additionally, several school district boards and local officials were elected, including the Jackson R-II Board of Education and Cape Girardeau Dist. 63 Board of Education.

Additionally, voters also made their choices known to the Cape Girardeau Public Health Center Trustees.

For a complete list of election results in Cape Girardeau County, visit Election Results - Cape Girardeau County (capecounty.us).

Cape Girardeau County voter turnout: 16.67%

Cape Girardeau County adult use marijuana 3% sales tax
Yes 6,734 (74.15%)
No 2,347 (25.85%)

Cape Girardeau adult use marijuana 3% sales tax
Yes  2,424 (73.43%)
No 877 (26.57%)

Jackson adult use marijuana 3% sales tax
Yes  1,347 (75.50%)
No 437 (24.50%)

Cape Girardeau County Public Health Center Trustees (Vote for 2)
Diane Howard  4,494 (30.26%)
Nancy K. Johnson  3,846 (25.90%)
William Lewis 2,967 (19.98%)
Richard J. Swartz 3.467 (23.34%)
Write In 78 (0.53%)

Cape Girardeau School District No. 63 Board of Education (Vote for 3)
Jared W. Ritter  1,874 (22.87%)
Missy Nieveen Phegley  1,542 (18.82%)
Kim G. Swartz 1,520 (18.55%)
Roy Diamond, Jr. 694 (8.47%)
Casey Lee Cook  1,706 (20.82%)
Sommer Shardae McCauley 336 (4.10%)
Byron D. Bonner 493 (6.02%)
Write In 30 (0.37%)

Jackson R-2 School District Board of Education (Vote for 3)
Brandon Parker Pylate  2,636 (21.26%)
Christine Warren  2,860 (23.06%)
Gregory S. Farrow  3.062 (24.69%)
Bruce V. Thomas 2,101 (16.94%)
Darcy L. Lilley 1,654 (13.34%)
Write In 87 (0.70%)

Jackson R-2 School District Proposition 1
Yes 2,198 (43.03%)
No  2,721 (53.26%)

Jackson R-2 School District Proposition N
Yes 2,198 (43.03%)
No  2,910 (56.97%)

For election results in other counties, please visit county websites:

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