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Which Local Hospitals Are Planning To Recognize Medical Marijuana As A Treatment Option?

Mark/Flickr, License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/legalcode

Local hospitals are tackling the topic of medical marijuana, with mixed ideas about the right approach. 

SoutheastHEALTH is currently investigating whether it will allow their physicians to recommend the drug for patients, they stated in a press release, adding that it’s “too early” to take a final stance.

“We are in the initial stages of engagement with the medical staff and exploration of the regulatory and prescriber requirements and its legal impact of those decisions,” said Interim Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gabe Soto.

In November, Missourians approved Amendment 2, which states that doctors must provide certification for a patient to get a medical marijuana identification card from the Department of Health and Senior Services.


According to the release, SoutheastHEALTH officials believe their physicians understand the issue of cannabis as “part of medical treatment similar to the same discretion on all pharmacology treatments.”

Meanwhile, Saint Francis Healthcare System cites the Federal Drug Administration’s lack of approval as a reason not to pursue the prescribing of medical marijuana. 

In a statement, chief medical officer Thomas Diemer pointed out that marijuana is still illegal under federal law, despite the Missouri Constitution’s legalization.

“Many questions remain about the use of marijuana as a medication,” says Diemer. “Saint Francis Healthcare System is therefore developing a policy in which Saint Francis Medical Partner Physicians will decline to participate at this time in the medical marijuana Physician Certification process.”