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National Weather Service Issues Heat Advisory for Southeast Missouri

The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory effective through Sunday for Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois. It was issued as a result of afternoon temperatures climbing to the mid to upper 90s, combined with oppressive humidity, which will produce afternoon heat index readings of 100 to 105 degrees over 5 consecutive days.


Meteorologist Robin Smith of the National Weather Service in Paducah says it’s not abnormal to have heat advisories this time of year.


“There have been times in previous years where we’ve had temperatures above 100 degrees with heat indexes working onto 110,” says Smith. “So, this time of the summer, it’s not out of the ordinary.”


He advises staying indoors or going to public, air-conditioned facilities like a mall are easy ways to beat the heat. Wearing light-colored, loose-fitting clothing, drinking plenty of fluids, and taking breaks are also beneficial to staying safe outdoors.


Any concerns about homebound elderly and the disabled who are without air conditioning, outdoor pets, or a child locked in a car, should contact the Cape Girardeau Police Department.


Cape Girardeau Police Department: (573) 335-6621

Anyone in need of long-term, cooler living conditions, call: (573) 334-HELP, or 211