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The latest news from every corner of the state, including policy emerging from Missouri's capitol.

MO House Bills Aim To Create 'Open Enrollment' In Public Schools

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School Library

Critics of a bill introduced in the Missouri House say that although it is intended to give parents more options for their childrens’ education, it could create unnecessary competition between schools.

Two bills,  HB543 and HB303, have been introduced to the Missouri legislature, which would create open enrollment in public schools, an effort supporters say will allow parents to seek out the best school programs for their child’s specific needs. But concerns were raised over competition between districts.

Scott Kimble spoke on behalf of the Missouri Association of School Administrators, and said the legislation could create incentive to market the school better, instead of improving its programs.

“We do have concerns about districts being pitted against one another. Recruitment efforts and dollars spent on marketing that we believe should go into the classroom would actually be spent on trying to essentially enter into an arms race.”

Concern was also raised over school district consolidation, athletics and funding.

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