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St. Francis To Open New Medical Center In Dexter


St. Francis Medical Center is developing a new facility in Dexter, Mo.

With more than 45,000 square feet, the facility will contain oncology care with an infusion center, radiology care, cardiology care, laboratory services, an urgent care center, outpatient physical therapy services and a health and wellness center.

“It is an outreach program for us,” marketing director of Saint Francis Medical Center, Felecia Blanton said. “We are taking the hospital nowadays with the health care reform outside the walls into the areas that need those services. We are doing our due diligence in looking at those operational areas that we go into.”

Blanton said when the health care provider wants to expand, they look for where their services are needed, population and the financial aspects. Dexter is located between Cape Girardeau and Poplar Bluff, which makes it a prime spot for patients wanting to use their services.

“We’re trying to reach out and make it easier for patients to have access to care and provide a way to address health care needs and problems before they become exacerbated by lack of care or lack of access,” Blanton said.

Brown Construction from Dexter will be the builders of the new facility. Blanton said they try to use contractors and products from the area when they expand.

Located at US Highway 60 and Harris Drive, the development will be completed in January 2016 and will cost about $12 million.


Jen Gradl was a student reporter at KRCU in 2014.