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Supporters Rally In Favor Of Postal Service

Graeme Pow

A rally was held Sunday in front of the Cape Girardeau Post Office in a show of support for the six-day delivery week. Many people came and went, with an approximate crowd of 100 showing up overall.

Many of the people at the rally were postal workers. They’re worried the cutbacks in hours will lead to eventual job losses.

President of the Southeast Missouri Central Labor Council Mark Baker says these concerns are very real.

“There’s just too many things wrong happening across our country today, and we feel eliminating the six-day delivery is just another misstep that the government is trying to make, and we’re calling upon all of our legislators to not allow that to happen,” Baker said.

Baker says between businesses such as Nordyne closing and the sequester, there is a distinct lack of middle class support.

The crowd agrees that moves such as this are firmly placing a heavy burden on the middle class. Men such as Mark Guilliams, owner of Premium Regional Mail and Direct Line Marketing, rely heavily on first class mail. He says that this cutback severely inhibits many businesses, including his.

“By reducing the service you offer, and continuing to charge more and more for that reduced service, you are driving business away in droves,” Guilliams said.

Guilliams worries that this change in the postal service will have a cascading effect on businesses, and force people to make costly changes that will have a detrimental effect on everyone.

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