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Perryville Police Department To Host Public Forum On Growing Heroin and Opioid Overdose Epidemic

Dimitris Kalogeropoylos/Flickr,https://www.flickr.com/photos/dkalo/5851768737/in/photolist-9V6QYr-9EoV5L-dAKzua-6pXn7s-amtXQL-P2y4B-7wvX3R-7ZQMuS-5TTBR6-ay4cbN-jWoGVu-bzLPPM-A3ABA-8ZSBFR-a6g7cs-gCsau-6TXznT-cn7u5C-BDGGY-bySy5h-8NPbvB-9ksT5i-8DdQDn-8bKs1P-

The Perryville Police Department and the Coalition for Heroin and Opioid Prevention is hosting an open forum on the city’s growing heroin and opioid overdose epidemic. This year alone, the police department has made 30 heroin and prescription drug abuse related arrests. While resident will have a chance to voice their concerns, public information officer, Cpl. Geri Cain says, the department will share what they’re doing to combat the issue.


“It’s a combination of education,” says Cain. “It’s a combination of investigation and law enforcement, as well as community involvement.”


Heroin and prescription drug abuse arrests in Perryville have more than tripled in recent years. In 2012, the police department made 12 arrests. By 2016 that number jumped to 39. The forum will be held at the Perryville Police Station on July 26 at 7 p.m.