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Police Department Encourages Black Friday Shoppers To Be Cautious And Plan Ahead

Many will be traveling to West Park Mall and other popular retailers in Cape Girardeau for Black Friday

Shoppers should take the proper precautions to ensure their safety and use common sense when shopping this weekend.

Cape Girardeau police spokesperson Darin Hickey says the police department is prepared to handle the anticipated influx of traffic on Black Friday.

There will be extra patrol officers on duty that will be working near the retail areas of Cape Girardeau.

Many people in southeast Missouri are planning to travel to Cape Girardeau’s West Park Mall and other popular retail stores and Hickey encourages shoppers to plan ahead and be patient.

“The biggest number one tip I have for everybody is take your time and plan an extra five or ten minutes to get to your destination, because traffic is going to be backed up at red lights,” Hickey said. “Traffic is going to be backed up in intersections and parking lots.”

The Cape Girardeau police department will patrol the parking lots to prevent theft.

“We encourage people, when they are shopping and they have large quantities of products or whatever they bought, make sure that you lock your cars up, make sure that you keep it concealed,” Hickey said.

Jami Black was an intern reporter for KRCU from 2013-2014.