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Witnesses Testify Against George Joseph In Preliminary Hearing

Laura Simon
Southeast Missourian

Witnesses testified against George Joseph in Cape Girardeau County Court on Wednesday during his preliminary hearing. Joseph is accused of the May 30 murder of his wife and son, before turning his gun on himself.

Prosecutors called three witnesses, including the forensic pathologist who performed an autopsy on 57-year old Mary Joseph and 19-year old Matthew Joseph. He confirmed both died of three gunshot wounds to the head from a small caliber firearm. 

Mary’s brother, Bob Griffith, also testified. He discovered his sister’s and nephew’s bodies that morning, and said George Joseph had health and financial issues that left him depressed. His recent hospitalization ate through the family’s savings, and the FBI was investigating Joseph for fraud.

George Joseph’s brother-in-law David Snell testified that Joseph was researching how to launder money the day before the double-homicide. A little less than a week after the murders, Snell said George Joseph apologized to him for what he had done while recovering at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis. Snell later visited with George Joseph in jail, during which time Joseph changed his story and said he did not kill his family. Instead, Joseph said he tried to kill himself after finding them dead.

George Joseph was a day trader who invested money for 62 people, including David Snell. Snell said Joseph admitted that of their money was lost.

Joseph will be arraigned in Circuit Court on August 5 with judge William Syler.

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