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Exposition: Catapult Creative House Offers “Halloween Mask Workshop” In Downtown Cape

Catapult Creative House
Halloween Mask Workshop




Candy: This October 23rd, Catapult Creative House is organizing a Halloween mask workshop. To give more information about this, we do have Blake Sander, Catapult Press coordinator. Let's talk to him. How are you?


Blake: I'm good, thanks for having me.

Candy: What is exactly does Catapult do, and where it is located? And what kind of activities does Catapult offer?


Blake: So Catapult is located in downtown Cape Girardeau. It's at 612 Broadway. And it's a sort of collaboration between a number of departments at the university, all geared towards sort of entrepreneurship. So in that space, there are a couple classrooms and meeting rooms, there is a coffee shop, and a gift shop that is sort of run by Hospitality Management and, and the business school, there is a gallery and the letterpress space, which is what I run-- the letterpress space-- which is primarily art and design. And then there are student studios, a computer lab, sewing machines and things upstairs. And the goal is for all of these, these entities to come together to give students the opportunity to have some entrepreneurial experience and money making experience-- some practical business experience, before they go out into the you know, the 'real world'.


Candy: Oh, that's good. Okay. Is this your first Halloween mask workshop from Catapult House, or have [you] done [this] before?


Blake: We've done them in the past, this is the first time since the pandemic. So we've taken a couple years off. And leading up to this one, we've created a few new designs. So if you have participated in past years, you've got an opportunity to submit to make some new things with the new new matrices that we have on hand.


Candy: Okay, good. And what age limit, [are] you guys  allowing? Do you have any particular age limit for this Halloween mask workshop?


Blake: Not at all. So, of the designs that we have sort of pre-carved, we have some that are a little bit smaller for younger children, we have ones that are for older children and adults. And there's a certain number of ways to enter this process. So part of what we do at catapult is use this vintage letterpress equipment. So participants will have the opportunity to pull some prints on those, those vintage presses. For those that are maybe a little too young to be using that heavy equipment, right, we'll have some pre printed impressions, items on fabric and paper. So, they get to sort of collage their own-- we'll have glitter glue, we'll have colored pencils, markers, we'll have pipe cleaners, we'll have ways for folks of whatever age to make their own unique masks, to take home with them. And the advantages-- we're all used to wearing masks at this point. So most of these--most of these designs--are going to be already sort of pandemic-friendly, with the masks that some of us are still wearing right now.


Candy: What are the precautions you said that Catapult Creative House [has due to the] pandemic--what are the precautions you guys are following?


Blake: So this is the first workshop that we've run at the press itself. So I'll be wearing a mask, it would be recommended for participants to wear them as well. Social-distancing will be pretty easy because we have a rather large space to work in. And you know that'll do it as far as as far as for pandemic precautions. You know, as an instructor at the University I'm trained on all of the equipment, so I'll be there as a sort of backstop and a safety advisor for participants, that when they're using the the presses and things, which can be a little bit tricky.


Candy: Okay, and this workshop is only for SEMO students, or [who] else apart from SEMO, can [also] join this workshop?


Blake: The goal is to engage the community as much as possible. So anybody that can hear the sound of my voice is welcome--welcome to come on out.


Candy: Oh, that's good. And what is the fee for that?


Blake: It's $20 for this two hour workshop, and again, you'll be using using the equipment, you'll be using our pre printed impressions. Hopefully, you'll get to make some of your own. So, by the end, you'll have a good learning experience, and your Halloween costume all worked out.


Candy: Okay, and we have to do any pre-booking to participate in this workshop, or can we come and join on the same day.


Blake: You can enter, you can pre register, you can call Catapult at 573-651-2651. Or you can go to the Catapult website: semo.edu/catapult. And if you don't get a chance to pre register, I'll be there on Saturday morning, and we can do it all.
Candy: Perfect. Do we have any discounts being a SEMO student to participate in this workshop? Or the people who do pre booking through your website? Is there any special discounts for them?



Blake: I'm afraid not-- 20 bucks it is. And that's important. So again, because Catapult is sort of geared towards entrepreneurism, entrepreneurship you know, the profit has to be part of our model, right, so the idea is to give folks the the creative experiences, and also give our our student workers and things-- the practical experience for how to make some money back from their skills, from their creativity.


Candy: Okay, do you have any dress code you guys are following for this workshop?


Blake: No, not in general. I would not recommend, you know, anything really loose fitting. So if you decide to come in costume-- if you want to dress up like a like the Sugar Plum Fairy, make sure that you if you have any real loose fitting clothing, you get that sort of tied back or pulled back when you're using the presses. Likewise, if you have long hair--keeping that back is a good idea.


Candy: Okay, what is the most interesting aspect of this Halloween mask workshop?


Blake: So, for me the most interesting aspect is that you are getting to engage with history, because you get to use this printing equipment. Most of this came from the Southeast Missourian-- so these are--this is the equipment that the local newspaper was using for a long time, before we switched to more modern digital production methods. So, this is a way for folks to literally get their hands dirty with their local history.


Candy: In the span of two hours what are the tasks you guys arranged for the people who are going to join this workshop?



Blake: So they'll get a chance to print on the press. So I'll give a brief sort of printing demonstration we have a number of pre printed things already available for them. Then, they're going to be cutting and pasting and decorating based on the the the pre-printed items. And they'll be able to carve, if they're interested in [that], as well, they'll be able to carve small designs to sort of accentuate the pre-existing blocks.


Candy: Do you guys offer any food or beverages?


Blake: Not during this two hour workshop. We're going to need every minute we can get just to be making the mass. So I don't think that we're gonna have time for breaks and beverages.



Candy: So, in the next four days, that workshop is going to happen. So till now, how many registrations have happened and how many people are you expecting to participate in this workshop?



Blake: I'm shooting for 10 or 12. I think that's about what our space could handle. And that'll give us plenty of attention with each student to help them on their way.



Candy: That's good. Tell me one thing... okay if I want to participate in your workshop, you should give me one word why should I come to your workshop--[the] Halloween mask workshop? What do you say to people who have this thing in their mind, like, why should I go to this workshop? So for them, what would you like to say to KRCU Public Radio?



Blake: I think 'unique' is the word that we're looking for. Because you're going to be the only kid on your block with a genuine Catapult mask. Again, I think this is an all-ages workshop. I think it's a great family event too, because it's going to be a good experience for everybody.


Candy: Thank you so much, Blake Sander, for joining us and giving [us] more information about Catapult Creative House, hosting [this] Halloween mask workshop. 
Transcribed by Otter.ai.


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