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Zickfield’s, Isle Casino, And Marquette Project Awarded At Statewide Main Street Conference

Old Town Cape
Old Town Cape's Marla Mills stands with representatives from Isle Casino as they accept the "premeire partner" award.

Three organizations in downtown Cape Girardeau were recognized last week during the annual Missouri Main Street Conference (MMSC). Each were nominated by Old Town Cape (OTC) in April to compete with other businesses and revitalization projects across the state.

The “business of the year” award was given to Zickfield’s Jewelry and Gifts. According to a press release, the business has “rooted itself as a community supporter and advocate” for the downtown area for over 80 years, especially through a restorative renovation in 2018 when they mounted the shop’s neon sign from the 1950s on their storefront. They also serve on OTC’s board of directors, and regularly invest in downtown property.

OTC’s Historic Landmark Preservation Group won “best large scale project” for their repurposing of the Marquette Hotel, built in 1927, and the H&H Building, built in 1907. The two were vacant properties when a large renovation project was announced in 2016, and now serve as a commercial space and a Marriott hotel, respectively. Nearly $22 million were invested between the two buildings. 

In the press release, MMSC praised the “special attention” given to the Marquette Tower’s lobby, including custom furnishings and fixtures.

“[They] bridge the look and feel of the historic property to the vibrancy of its new modern use,” said the release.

They also commended the entire project as a “wonderful example” of how preservation and economic investment incentives can be used to create economic activity.

“The successful rehabilitation of both the Marquette Tower and H&H Building has created jobs, supported local businesses, and draws residents and visitors to the area,” said the release. 

Isle Casino received the “premier partner” award for offering financial support and sponsorship to Old Town Cape, and for gifting a percentage of their revenue to various downtown revitalization projects. 

The MMSC added that this collaboration between the two, one that is nearly a decade old, will “continue through the ongoing partnership to strengthen the entire community of Cape Girardeau.”