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Are You A Current Or Past Resident Of Perry County? They Need You For Their Bicentennial Book

Meghan Helm Welker/Perry County Historical Society

The Perry County Historical Society is compiling a bicentennial book for the 200th anniversary of the county’s founding, and they need your help.

Director Meghan Helm Welker says they’re looking for current and past residents to submit stories of their involvement in the county’s schools, churches, farms, businesses, and other organizations.

The book will focus on years 1921-2021, as county officials had already documented the previous 100 years in their centennial book.

If a submission is deemed too lengthy to be included, Helm Welker says the county’s archives will keep the full copy, of which an abridged version will make it to the pages.

“You know, if you have 50 pages on Rozier’s Grocery, we may have to cut it down a little bit, but we’ll keep it all here so people can see the full history if they want,” says Helm Welker.

The only thing that will set the bicentennial book apart from its predecessor is the time period. Helm Welker says they’re aiming to use the same style and keep with tradition - they’re even working to get a local judge to write a piece about the era’s political climate, as was featured in the centennial.

In terms of involvement, nearly ten volunteers have stepped up already to help with the proofreading process. Another resident is researching the history of the local American Legion. All in all, Helm Welker says they want it to be as comprehensive as possible, including whatever you’ve been involved in.

"We want to hear how Perry County was shaped by these things, but also how these things shaped Perry County,” says Helm Welker. “We know that a lot of businesses popped up in-between that time, and maybe they disappeared during that time, but we still want to hear about them and their story.”

The historical society is requesting that stories be submitted by Aug. 1, 2019, allowing them time to edit, make revisions, and fill in gaps. But those who can’t make the deadline, Helm Welker says you can contact them at the submission email: percohistsoc@yahoo.com.

If all goes smoothly, Helm Welker says the Perry County Bicentennial Book should be available for sale by Christmas of 2020.