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Left Of The Dial #659 - Windows Down


Have you heard of The Shipyard Music Festival? This week we've got music from the Kansas City band The Greeting Committee, who are among the seven bands scheduled to perform. Like, in Cape Girardeau. It takes place on Saturday, September 22nd. You can get details here, or by subscribing to The Scout, a refreshingly positive email newsletter with an emphasis on local events and epic food. 

By Summer's end Baton Rouge sludge metal band Thou will have relased three EPs and and a full length album this year. The EPs are thematically different, with one dedicated to drone, another to accoustic music, and one to grunge. The accoustic EP, titled Inconsolable, is such a drastic departure for the band that it replaces Bryan Funck's vocal duties with a full cast of singers. 

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