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Each week, Ellen Farrow will share what's on stage...what's happening behind the scenes...and all the latest River Campus activities. Ellen is the Box Office Manager at the River Campus.

A Preview of the 2018 River Campus Summer Arts Festival

Southeast Missouri State University

Clear your calendar and grab the kids—the Summer Arts Festival is coming.

This annual treat of free, family fun is taking place at the River Campus on Saturday, June 16. If you’ve never been, the River Campus grounds come alive with visual and performing arts galore! Chief wrangler of all things Summers Arts Rhonda Weller-Stilson is here to tell us what’s in store.

It's hard to believe but this will be our fifth season, so we're very excited. We're gonna have three shows that I think the audiences are going to love. This year we're going to open with "Little Shop of Horrors" and then we'll have "The 39 Steps" which is based on Alfred Hitchcock's movie and then the kids show will be "Legally Blonde, Jr." All three of those have been at the movies so people will know these titles.
And then we'll have the one day festival which is June 16 and that's a free day and we love this day because it is a celebration of all of the arts. And not only do people get to come and see the arts but they get to participate in them. So people will be creating art, as well as looking at art and hearing music, they'll be watching dance performances -- we'll have everything from aerial dance to the children's show "Legally Blonde, Jr." playing. It's just an exciting, fun day for everyone.

And once again the price for all that fun—free. You got it. It’s our gift to you and yours, so take advantage and come have some fun and celebrate with us June 16. As always, more information available at RiverCampus.org, and I hope to see you soon at the Box Office!

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