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Great Race Organizers Give Cape Girardeau “Best Overnight City” Award

Tori Bowden

Organizers of The Great Race named Cape Girardeau as their “Best Overnight City” for their 2013 competition.

Racers in the antique car competition were greeted by miles of Pit Stop Parties and 5,000 welcomers when they cruised into Cape Girardeau on June 25.

Cape Girardeau Great Race committee chairman Danny Essner said the Pit Stop Parties sealed the deal for Cape Girardeau.

“The racers are accustomed to being welcomed by huge crowds at the finish line. In addition to having a huge crowd at the finish line, we had people cheering them on all along the route into Cape. There were 15 separate pit stop parties between the city limits of Cape and downtown Cape,” Essner said.

Essner said the city can use this recognition when trying to attract other large events to the community.

“They can basically use this as an example of what kind of welcome an event can expect if they come to Cape,” Essner said. “They can refer them to The Great Race staff for a testimonial to confirm that when Cape Girardeau does something like this, they do it right.”

This was the first time The Great Race passed through Cape Girardeau.

Next year’s race will run from Maine to Florida.

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