Main on Main: Reconstruction on Downtown Cape Girardeau Water Main To Be Completed Later This Week

Jul 12, 2017

Construction on Main Street leaves two lanes open, and parking blocked on the west side of the street.
Credit Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Repairs began Monday on a water main in downtown Cape Girardeau that broke and was repaired over Memorial Day weekend. But a quality renovation was pushed back to avoid summer traffic and the Fourth of July holiday.


City engineer, Casey Brunke, says as they replace the asphalt-patched street with concrete, they’ll also install a stronger pipe.


“The main broke very close to a storm water tunnel that is underneath Main Street.” explains Casey.  “And so, they just felt that using a different material over that tunnel would be beneficial.”


She says they have received the new pipe, and the street will be patched later this week. Parking on the west side of Main Street will be blocked for easier traffic flow, as both lanes will be open.