Hillary Clinton speaks out for middle-class workers: March 12 speech

Mar 14, 2016
Originally published on March 13, 2016 9:36 pm

Given what happened with the Trump campaign and protests, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had to address the Republican frontrunner: “If you play with matches, you can start a fire you cannot control,’’ Clinton said. “That is not leadership. It’s political arson.”

True leadership, she continued, required that “if you see bigotry, you should oppose it. If you see violence, you should condemn it. And if you see a bully, you should stand up to him.”

Clinton’s blasts at Trump also fit in with her general message, in which she accused Republicans of unfairly targeting unions and the middle-class workforce they represent.

“You don’t make America great by getting rid of what made America great in the first place,’’ she said.

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