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Labor unions are still pushing back against Missouri’s right-to-work law, which is set to go into effect on August 28. The latest efforts to block the controversial legislation is through a petition that Mark Baker, a business representative for the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and Cameron Redd, who works for the United Steelworkers International say has a good chance of putting right-to-work back on the ballot in 2018.



Mo. Unions Rally To Defeat “Anti-Worker” Bills

Mar 28, 2013
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Labor union members from across Missouri descended on the State Capitol Wednesday, hoping to convince lawmakers to defeat bills they say are anti-worker.

The Missouri House and Senate have both passed so-called “paycheck protection” bills which are now awaiting further actions in each chamber. The measures would bar public employee unions from automatically deducting dues from workers’ paychecks without written consent.  Brooks Sunkett is the Communications Workers of America’s Vice President for the Public Sector.

Union Membership Declines In Missouri

Feb 20, 2013
Marshall Griffin / St. Louis Public Radio

Missouri unions have seen a significant decline in membership, this is according to a new report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And the trend isn’t limited to Missouri. Unions nationwide are declining, with a steady drop rate since 1989. The reasons for this decline are many, but according to Professor of Economics at Southeast Missouri State University Rebecca Summary, the main issue is globalization.

“It’s very hard for highly skilled workers to compete with very inexpensive workers in southeast Asia, China, places like that,” Summary said.

Still No Decision In Union’s Case Against Illinois Closure Plans

Sep 27, 2012
Signs dot lawns throughout southern Illinois, urging Governor Pat Quinn to keep the Tamms Correctional Center Open.
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CAIRO, IL (KRCU/The Cairo Citizen) - Lawyers from the state of Illinois and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) concluded three days of hearings Wednesday in Alexander County Court.

 Judge Charles Cavaness did not issue a decision.

 AFSCME is seeking a permanent injunction to block the state from transferring inmates from the Tamms Correctional Center, Dwight Correctional Center and other facilities in Illinois.