Humane Society of Southeast Missouri

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A total of 54 out of an initial 100 cats were taken home to new families in what Humane Society development director Jennifer Sokolowski called a “very successful” free cat adoption event last weekend.


Overall since the start of July, there have been about 92 feline adoptions, and all the cats were adopted out by Saturday during “Feline Frenzy.”


“Our whole cat room was emptied out,” said Sokolowski. “We’ve never done that before.”


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They’re basically giving these cats away! Actually... they are.

In response to high numbers of cats taken in throughout the summer, the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri will be waiving adoption fees during a three-day “Feline Frenzy” event this weekend. In addition to free adoption, all vaccinations, spayings, neuterings, and microchipping will be paid for by local veterinarians and JSE Surplus gun store.

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Certain asocial felines in the community will be out roaming free at the behest of the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri. They recently announced that they will no longer be taking feral cats from the city’s animal control agency.


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As part of a summer campaign, the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri has achieved their goal of finding homes over 500 animals in less than four months.

The shelter kicked off their “Save Them Summer” campaign on May 1. It was intended to last through August 31, that is, until they reached 512 animals adopted by August 20.

Development director Jennifer Sokolowski says the campaign was inspired by their drive to become a no-kill facility.

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Animals awaiting adoption at the Humane Society of Southeast Missouri can now get a day out thanks to a new program: Adventure Tails. Initiated this month, the program allows potential adopters, or people wishing for a few hours of animal companionship, to check a pet out for the day.

Executive director of the shelter, Tracy Poston, says it’s a great opportunity for those in pet-free apartments, or those on the fence about adopting an animal.