City of Perryville

573 Film Festival

Over the weekend, independent filmmakers, actors, and movie fanatics gathered in Perryville for the locally-operated 573 Film Festival. 60 films from across the globe were selected for showings across the city, six of which saw production right here in the heartland.

The event was better-organized this time around, according to its self-proclaimed “supreme leader,” Thomas Smugala. They hosted numerous speakers, kid’s filmmaking workshops, and even had access to Perry Park Center’s 350-seat Marcus theater, complete with a red carpet event.

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Starting next week, Route 61 through Perryville will be reduced to one lane throughout summer for sidewalk repairs.

Contractor crews with the Missouri Department of Transportation will be removing and reconstructing sidewalks from Route 51 to Sutterer Place Road. Weather permitting, work will start Monday, June 10, and continue daily from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Thursday, Sept. 5.

Work zones will be marked with signs, and MoDOT urges drivers to use extreme caution while traveling near the area.

Courtesy of: Mark Brown

Next month, the city of Perryville will be updating their trash pickup system with 2 new automated trucks.

As part of a 5 year capital improvement plan, the city will be spending $280,000 on each truck, as approved in the city’s budget in April. They will be serving residential and some commercial properties throughout the city.

City of Perryville

The City of Perryville is known for its economic health, especially considering their rural location. Generally full employment is considered to be around 5%, and the unemployment rate there is around 3%. Many companies are headquartered in the city, and many people work there. But there aren’t a lot of places for them to live within city limits, especially homes that would work for a single family. During the day, the population increases by around 40 percent, which indicates that people are probably making a hefty commute to get to work.