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Ways to Connect

The NCAA announced on Tuesday that it would open the door for college athletes to begin profiting from their names, images and likenesses “in a manner consistent with the collegiate model.”

The 2020 Census will be conducted next year. Many citizens will be counted in the places where they’ve grown up and currently live.

But if you’re incarcerated, you may be counted as a resident of the county in which you’re imprisoned and not the one you’re actually from.

That practice is known as prison gerrymandering. It can inflate the population of a county with a large prison population, giving more power to the people who vote there.

Impeachment: The View From 1974

Oct 30, 2019

In James Reston’s diary, there’s an entry dated July 23, 1974. It was the day before the first televised hearings on three impeachment articles against President Richard Nixon.

One progressive Republican congressman from Wisconsin, William Steiger, complained the press “is always looking for a political or self-serving motive for our votes.”

In an effort to mitigate the damage from wildfires in California, Pacific Gas & Electric has cut off power to sections of the state.

Officials fear that high-speed gusts of wind along with dry weather could topple trees, which could blow into power lines, which would ignite a fire.

All this month, we’ve been marking the hundred-year anniversary by re-airing some of our most thought-provoking shows on drinking, sobriety, and everything in-between.

For more than a decade, alcohol was illegal in the United States – a so-called “noble experiment” that collapsed under the weight of organized crime and public pressure.