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The Future Of Student Loan Forgiveness

Feb 22, 2021

Students graduating from college in 2019 did so with an average loan amount of over $30,000. And now that a pandemic has ravaged the country for almost year, many recent graduates are finding it difficult to keep up with their payments.

The News Roundup — International

Feb 19, 2021

Facebook blocked users in Australia from sharing news this week in response to proposed legislation by the Australian government.

From The Wall Street Journal’s explanation of what’s going on:

The News Roundup — Domestic

Feb 19, 2021

Many Texans are still without power and water after a huge winter storm devastated the region. The Texas Tribune reported that at least 12 million people faced water disruption and hundreds of thousands were still without power as of Thursday.

We talked to one of them earlier this week.

The Future Of Cuba Without A Castro

Feb 18, 2021

In March 2016, Cuban President Raul Castro stood next to President Obama and proclaimed a new age in U.S.-Cuba relations had begun.

Mars, Europa And The Search For Life Outside Of Earth

Feb 18, 2021

Mars has never been so busy.  NASA’s Perseverance rover is now hours away from the shortest and most inte