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More than 70 percent of American adults drink alcohol.

It’s a rite of passage that can become a life-long habit. And even for those who choose not to imbibe, drinking can feel like a quintessential part of adulthood.

But for some Americans, those habits can slip from occasional and innocuous to frequent and potentially fatal.

When Fertility Doctors Betray Trust

38 minutes ago

Both Matt White and Heather Woock grew up thinking they knew who their respective parents were. Then, in their mid-thirties, both discovered that fertility doctors that their respective mothers had visited had secretly used their own semen while conducting treatments.

The View From Ukraine

38 minutes ago

Why does Ukranian journalist Nastya Stanko want to continue being a journalist?

Well, she says one reason is because when you live in Ukraine, it’s never boring.

The News Roundup - International

Oct 18, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence said on Thursday that Turkey had agreed to a ceasefire at the border of northern Syria. However, Turkish leaders didn’t agree. Instead, they said it was a pause in operations, and they’ll start again if the Kurds don’t abide by the agreed-upon terms.

According to CNN, the terms dictate that “the Syrian Kurds/Syrian Democratic Forces must dismantle their defensive fortifications and pull troops from the border to appease Turkey.”

The News Roundup - Domestic

Oct 18, 2019

A fourth person has been arrested in connection to a campaign finance case involving associates of Trump associate Rudy Giuliani. The individual was taken into federal custody after flying to New York City to turn himself in.