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The Supreme Court Wraps Up Another Term

8 hours ago

The last day of the Supreme Court’s term is on Thursday, But during this week alone, the court has already handed down two rulings with broad consequences for American workers.

‘Sex And Vanity’ With Author Kevin Kwan

8 hours ago

Kevin Kwan is the author of the wildly successful Crazy Rich Asians series. His latest book, Sex and Vanity, leaves the glamour of Singapore behind and focuses on a new summer romance on the Italian island of Capri.

And following the success of the “Crazy Rich Asians” 2018 film adaptation, Kwan has spoken out about the importance of Asian representation on screen.

Across the nation, drug overdoses have spiked since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. While some states like Kentucky have worked for years to see a decrease in overdose deaths, experts say the pandemic has brought on a monthly increase to fatal and non-fatal overdoses since its outset.

As the race to develop treatments and vaccines for COVD-19 continues, scientists and medical officials have learned a lot about how our bodies respond to viruses. Over the last few months, antibodies have been at the center of conversations about fighting coronavirus.

A Conversation With Leon Bridges

Jul 8, 2020

When Leon Bridges first stepped into the spotlight, you might have thought his music was your grandad’s oldies recorded from half a century ago. Using a soulful sound from the sixties, he captivated listeners everywhere with sounds that might have felt more familiar to older generations than today’s.