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Sloan Creek Bridge Reconstruction Project Awarded To St. Louis Bridge Company

Lindsey Grojean/KRCU

Monday night, the Cape Girardeau City Council approved plans to reconstruct Sloan Creek Bridge on Big Bend Road near Isle Casino.

City engineer, Casey Brunke says the columns of the bridge are in good shape, but what needs repair is what’s considered the superstructure of the bridge: the driving surface and the structure outside of the ground. She says detours will be put in place when construction begins, and local traffic will be able to use the Main Street Bridge that was closed with the casino development.

“Folks that live in the Red Star Area will be able to use that bridge and kind of come through the casino property back around to main street, but through-traffic will need to use a Lexington-Sprigg detour,” says Brunke.

Construction is estimated to begin within the next month, depending on whether it floods or not. The project will be funded by Transportation Trust Fund 5, which was decided by voters in 2015.

The Sloan Creek Bridge reconstruction was awarded to the St. Louis Bridge Company, and a pre-construction meeting is scheduled for this Friday.