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Century-Old Broadway Theater is Saved from Demolition

Jasmine Jones

The City of Cape Girardeau has decided in a 4-3 vote to save a century-old theater.

In the meeting, the developer Brennon Todt, President & Owner of Todt Roofing, spoke about future plans for the theater.

"Stabilize the building in about 90 days which would mean eliminating the safety hazard and the dangerous conditions that currently exist", said Todt.

Potential plans for the building would include a cafe space, several small retail spaces, and residential loft-style apartments.

The coordinator for Historic Preservation at Southeast Missouri State University, Dr. Steven Hoffman, spoke in favor of saving the building. In his speech to the council, he gave reasons for how saving the building would help the city.

"This project has many benefits. First, by choosing the repair option to address the unsafe conditions caused by the fire rather than the demolition option will save the city money.", said Dr. Hoffman.

The professor went into discussions about how much money the demolition of the structure would cost versus the repair and future opportunity the building would have for Cape Girardeau.

Finally, rounding out the presentation, Executive Director for Old Town Cape Liz Haynes spoke about how saving this building would mean for the historic integrity of Downtown Cape Girardeau

"Brennon's vision for the Broadway Theater creates more jobs, recruits new businesses, drives more foot traffic, attracts more tourism, fosters a more vibrant downtown community, and invests in a long-term economic development effort that will move our entire region forward.", said Haynes.

The final outcome for the space is expected to bring retail, downtown living spaces, and an event venue to the downtown Cape Girardeau community.

Senior, Historic Preservation Major and the Vice President of Historic Preservation Association