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Cape Girardeau Street Repairs Expected To Continue Until 2025 After Backlog Of Delays

Broken Cape Girardeau Roads
Josh Seabaugh
Josh Seabaugh
Streets and intersections in Cape Girardeau have been showing multiple signs of extra wear and tear from increased traffic to the city, as well as delays due to weather and workforce challenges. This example is adjacent to the Southeast Missouri State University campus.

In Cape Girardeau, many roads throughout the city are in great need of repair after heavy local and regional use has taken its toll. However, thanks to the Transportation Trust Fund, certain roads will be repaired over the next 3 years with over 27 million dollars worth of repairs.

Since 1995, the TTF is a tax initiative that voters have approved to use for funding street repair. Currently, the City of Cape Girardeau is in TTF-6 and has used roughly 2.6 million dollars annually on general projects alone since 2021. Each TTF is a 5-year plan—the item has passed on every ballot on which it appeared.

While currently in TTF-6, some projects from TTF-5 still need to be finished. Cape Girardeau City Mayor, Stacy Kinder, said that this process will take time to fully complete the work on the roads.

"We are currently in the middle of TTF-6. But there is a lot of work wrapping up from TTF-5. In fact, almost like 14 million dollars worth of large projects from the previous road tax initiative"

In TTF-6, specific projects will amount to 10 million dollars and will include Route K School Corridor Safety Improvements, removing and replacing concrete pavement on Lexington Avenue, and repairing concrete on Bertling Street. For the full list of repairs, you can find it on the City of Cape Girardeau Website.