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Trouble On Tram Road: Ozark National Scenic Riverway Road Collapses, Causing Closure

NPS Road.jpeg
NPS Road 123, "Tram Road" collapsed. The route has since been closed and barricaded

At the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, NPS Road 123, located near Van Buren, Missouri, and known locally as Tram Road, has been closed. The closure is due to a collapse on the popular local throughway. Officials believe it was due to saturation from rainfall and moisture.

Tram Road runs alongside the East side of the Current River, leading out of Van Buren and into the National Park. Tram Road was believed to have collapsed on April 18th, but as it's mostly used by local traffic it has not negatively affected the remainder of the park.

Dena Matteson, the public information officer of Ozark Riverways, said it will take some time to repair the road due to evaluating whether to repair or reroute, the path won't be abandoned and instead will be refurbished as a bicycling path as well.

"That route is one that has also been identified as one where we'll move forward with our Roads and Trails Plan. It's going to be a bicycling route, so we definitely have plans for it to be a through road and a bicycle route in the future"

Currently no alternate path has been given, and the route has been barricaded to prevent others from taking the route. While an estimated date of reopening has not been made, Matteson said that a news release will announce when any changes will be made. She also said that any information can be found on both the Ozark Riverways' Facebook page as well as their main website.