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Southeast Missouri Food Bank Extends Area Coverage, Announces New Jackson Facility

New site location in Jackson.
Southeast Missouri Food Bank
New site location in Jackson.

As of 2021, The Southeast Missouri Food Bank reports that in the region, food insecurity rates have reached 17% .

In 2020, effects of the pandemic such as unemployment, inflation, and supply chain issues raised rates of food insecurity across the US.

In 2020 the bank moved 16 million pounds of food, 3 million more pounds than the previous year.

In response to the increased need for food distribution, The Southeast Missouri Food Bank announced it will be opening an additional facilityin Jackson, later in 2022, to expand its coverage area.

New site location in Jackson.
Southeast Missouri Food Bank
New site location in Jackson.

The former Sappington Pro Outdoor location on East Jackson Boulevard in Jackson will be the bank’s new expansion site.

With additional warehouse space and highway access, the bank will be able to transport, deliver, and house higher quantities of food at a faster rate.

“We needed additional space to store food and water to respond to the needs of the community, so this location will give us that space, plus we just feel like it's going to be an opportunity for us to better serve those northern counties,” said Lisa Church, the bank’s Chief Advancement Officer.

The area will also act as a second center for volunteer activities, such as packing food boxes.

The Bank’s Sikeston location will remain the organization's main headquarters, but the expansion will also be a valuable resource in case of a natural disaster.

“If anything, such as a tornado or earthquake, were to damage our Sikeston location, it could cripple our ability to respond. An additional location is needed so we have the food and water we would need to organize a distribution at a moment’s notice,” said SEMO Food Bank President Joey Keys.

Work on the building will begin soon, and the food bank is expected to occupy the building in late summer 2022.