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Going Public: A Look At Southeast After ICE Rescinds Order On Web-Only International Students

United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement



Immigration and Customs Enforcement has rescinded a policy it announced on July 6 that international students would not be allowed back into the country if their college or university is doing only online classes.


Executive Director of International Education and Services Kevin Timlin says Southeast was likely not going to be affected when the order was moving forward because of its hybridized courses. 

“The news that came out last week was much, much different than what most people were expecting,” he said, “It was not flexible. It was really rigid.”

The use of blended courses that Southeast will be offering, he says, would have provided students the option of staying in the United States.

He says cancelling the order is good news for international students. He said it’s important to pay attention to the news as announcements continue.