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Southeast Board of Regents Approves No Trespass Policy, Rate Increase, and Piloting Program

Southeast Missouri State University

Following the wrap up of finals week at Southeast, and the completion of academic year that saw a number of limitations as students the COVID-19 pandemic forced off campus, a number of changes came out of the Board of Regents meeting on Friday, May 15th.

A news release from the university stated Southeast has instituted a no trespassing policy, which, in Missouri state statutes, forbids people to enter or remain in buildings, inhabitable structures, or other property. 

Kathy Mangels, vice president for finance and administration says the university has, quote, “layers of safety measures on our campus to protect our students, faculty and staff.”

Signage will be posted around campus. 

Additionally, fees on campus will be going up. The price increase per credit hour will be $7.75. Of this, $2 are going towards maintenance and repair general fee.  Lower division courses will increase $3 per credit hour. That rate will amount to $181 per credit hour. 

With the release of the new college costs, a new program will be taking off at Southeast. A bachelor of science piloting program has been approved by the Regents. 

From here, the  Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development will review the program, and it’s hoped that it will be ready for Fall 2021.

The release says that in 2015 President Carlos Vargas began speaking with individuals from the Cape Girardeau Regional Airport and the Cape Girardeau Career and Technology Center about beginning a pilot program at Southeast.